Telemedicine companies

Companies which provide health care digital services and count on their own platforms for medical teleconsultation.

Diagnóstica as an ally 

Telemedicine platforms have an ally in Diagnóstica, to provide health care professionals and the patient a superior level of interaction. Achieve a better scope and an innovative proposal. Strengthen your brand using our smart offices, providing personalized experiences for each user.

Benefits for the medical staff:

Medical devices which allow a better diagnosis.
Access to remote areas and with limited health care resources.
Medical evaluation reliability.

Benefits for the users:

Comfortable spaces, private and equipped with the latest technology.
Immediate attention without waiting.
Health data in the cloud.
Digital medical record.
Reliable diagnosis.

Other types of clients

Prestadoras de salud

Hospitales, clínicas, y sanatorios privados de pequeñas y medianas urbes. Para garantizar el derecho a la salud.


Entidades privadas que ofrecen servicios de salud. Empresas de medicina prepaga y servicios pre hospitalarios.

Salud laboral

Entidades vinculadas a la salud laboral. Aseguradoras de riesgo de trabajo y empresas de medicina laboral.