About us

We are the result of the union, experiences and leadership of DOCS24, Inventu and Sensify. We start a company with technological base, whose main goal is to carry primary health care and medical specialties to every corner of Latin America.

Our mission

Democratize health care under a new paradigm of connected health, because we are certain that a better world is possible.

Our vision

We overcome the barriers of the unknown to take a leap towards future, promoting health care from accessibility and equity, integrating new technologies in order to achieve a defining input in the new paradigm of Connected Health in Latin America.

Meet our team

Behind Diagnóstica there is a great team of professionals, interdisciplinary and with extensive experience in the health and medical services sector. Meet the main members that currently make up Diagnóstica. We are convinced that a better world is possible, we come together to create Diagnóstica and, thus, pursue the objective of democratizing access to health, under the new paradigm of Connected Health.

Roberto Bisso


Roberto Villavicencio


Darío Fernandez Cívico


Martín Degrati


Javier Echaniz

Anibal Krivoy

Agustina Villavicencio

Carlos Osella

Simón Carpman

Pablo Utrera

Germán Campero