Medical Services

DOC24 offers a unique telemedicine platform in the market, adapted to the needs of each organization, through a personalized system which allows innovating and reaching a better scope.

Leaders in telemedicine


Making accessibility to healthcare better in every corner of Latin America


Complement our solutions with the medical services of DOC24, an increasing leader company which provides telemedicine services based on technologic innovation at the service of health.

Every member of the medical staff works with a global and complete vision of health, and its main value is to take care of the people’s health wherever they are, breaking any barriers on health care access. 


Own medical staff

More than 200 health professionals with a great experience in virtual attention.

24 hs medical guards

Specialists in medical clinic, mental health and pediatrics available at all times, wherever you are.

Booked appointments

Possibility to schedule an appointment with more than 20 medical specialties instantly.


Choose specialists who speak different languages according to your requirements.