Telemedicine platform

DOC24 offers a unique telemedicine platform in the market, adapted to the needs of each organization, through a personalized system which allows innovating and reaching a better scope.

Leaders in telemedicine


Improving access to health from technological innovation


Complement our solutions with the medical services of DOC24 videoconsultation platform which adapts to the needs of every organization. It counts with multiplatform accessibility and it allows making consultations 24/7 or schedule appointments with specialist, fast and safe.

Since 2016, DOC24 works to accompany and increase the development of companies, health providers, funders, insurance companies, public health systems and other organizations. Since then and as a result of its work and versatility it became in the leader telemedicine company in Latin America.


Extensive experience and more than a million consultations made through the platform.


Its versatility allows the patient to access the platform from any cell phone, tablet or computer.


The software gives you the possibility to integrate the content of different informatics systems.

Allies to your service

We offer innovative tools so your company could offer a different service and stand out from the rest.


Medical records  to achieve a better control over the patient’s health information in real time.

Customizable system

You can adapt the design of our system to the identity of your company or organization.

Data security

Maximize informatics security to achieve a safe and reliable environment as regards information treatment.

Permanent support

System and information specialists available and ready to help at every time, every day.