Frequent Questions

If you have any doubts, we have the answers

If you are a client

Can the Station be personalized?

Yes, every client can adapt the design of the station according to the identity of its brand.

Our product counts on spaces to fill with your brand and logo and the chance to include special color designs, vinyl and personalized prints. The screen on the exterior adapts to advertising purposes and the main menu is customizable.

How is the station sanitized?

Besides the automatic hand sanitizer, Diagnóstica Station possesses an air sanitation system, integrated with UVC equipment which uses zero particles filter in the air inlet and outlet. Also it counts on a space for waste and disposable rubbish.

The inside of Diagnóstica Station was designed to be sanitized and disinfected quickly, with no sharp edges or corners which could accumulate permanent dirt.

Can Multi Diagnóstica be moved?

Yes, its dimensions and weight were designed for it to be moved in a simple way.

Can Diagnóstica Station be moved?

Yes, it counts on a frame prepared to insert a forklift on the front and the side, to be loaded and unloaded.

It also counts on 4 wheels to make displacement from one place to another easier.

Do Diagnóstica Stations require maintenance?

It depends on the correct use of the devices, the environment hygiene conditions, air conditioning conditions of the environment, vandalism, etc. It could require particular maintenance.

As regards Diagnóstica software, it requires evolutionary maintenance, that is to say constant improvement, updates and functions incorporation.

Which doctors can serve through the Diagnóstica Solutions?

Any doctor who has access to a notebook with internet connection and who has received the basic training that Diagnóstica provides. The use of the system is very intuitive and we offer online and on-site training.

What type of connection do we need to guarantee the correct performance of the equipment?

They can operate passing information through Ethernet, WIFI or 4g.

Can I combine Diagnóstica solutions with my own health care providers?

Yes, in case of having your own medical staff or provide a digital health care service with your own teleconsultation platforms, you will be able to give to the health care professionals and the patients a superior level of interaction through our smart offices.

If you are a user

What do I need to access the station?

As a user, you should download the app on your mobile phone and create  your own Diagnóstica account.

What happens if I don’t have battery or internet connection on my mobile phone?

Diagnóstica Station counts on recharge ports for smart phones and can provide WIFI to the user in case of need.

Can I perform self checkups?

Yes, self checkups can be performed without the need of meeting with a doctor. Later on, the user can check them on the personal record through the Diagnóstica app and share the information with a doctor via Whatsapp or email.

What type of exams can I perform?

Every user will be able to perform skin exams with a dermatoscope and an HD camera (moles, warts, sunburn, spots on the skin, allergies, rushes, red skin, etc.) video examination of the throat, ear exam with an otoscope camera, lungs examination with a stethoscope, oxygen saturation and heart rate.

Weight and height + calculate of BMI, blood pressure control and temperature measurement.

Who are the doctors?

They are licensed doctors who are part of the staff in a medical institution; and they will be the ones in charge of building a diagnosis and eventually, elaborate a prescription.

Can I make a consultation with a specialist?

If it is required by the patient, they will be able to make a teleconsultation with specialist doctors who can operate the Diagnóstica equipment.

How do you keep my data safe?

Diagnóstica has been developed according to the most exacting standards and best practices related to privacy and security of information.

Can I be seen or heard from the outside of the station?

The station is prepared to guarantee the privacy of the patient and the dialogue with the doctor.

The station is soundproof and it has a sliding door with frosted glass, which impedes people from the outside seeing the patient inside of the cabin.