Diagnóstica Station

Connects doctors and patients in a space equipped with the latest technology, which allows examining patients in a safe, fast and accessible way.

Take advantage of the Diagnóstica experience


A step towards the future, learn about the new Diagnóstica Station

Take advantage of the Diagnóstica experience

A step towards the future, learn about the new Diagnóstica Station

Diagnóstica Station is considered a useful solution for industries and big corporations, shopping and amusement centers, transport stations, amongst other places. In the station, health care services and ocupational medicine could be offered through a telemedicine platform.

Once in the platform, the patient would be guided through it to perform self-checks or make a video consultation with a doctor, which will guide the patient to use a set of devices to help the doctor make a better diagnose.


Book doctor’s appointments through the app
Digital medical record in the Diagnóstica cloud
Prescriptions and treatments sent digitally
Location of every device in the station
Geolocation of Diagnóstica Stations available

360 experience

Interact with Diagnóstica station in a unique experience. Swipe left or right with your finger or the mouse to move the product.

Equipment details

Check out the main aspects of Diagnóstica Station

Equipment for medical diagnosis available

The medical equipment can be found inside of the Diagnóstica station, it is easy to use because of its lights and signs which make it user friendly.

Intuitive control of the station with Diagnóstica App

The control center of the station is the user’s smart phone, who can command the actions of the medical consultation through the APP.


Sanitization of the environment inside of the station

The Station possesses an air disinfection machine, integrated with UVC equipment which uses zero particles filter in the air inlet and outlet.

Ergonomic design for a better experience

Ergonomic chair with armrests. Wide space to provide comfort and good access for maintenance. Rounded edges which allow easy cleaning and sanitization.

Environment made for the user’s comfort

The station offers a wide space and comfort to interact with the medical devices. It also has different sensors which allow a safe attention to the patient.

USB ports and mobile phone recharge

USB ports and connectors available to recharge the batteries of any mobile device. Hands-free stand to use the smart phone during the consultation and make it eassier

Medical equipment

Estación Diagnóstica allows immediate medical control and checkups through a set of smart devices and it incorporates new technologies through “Internet Of Thing”, so health care professionals can count on all of the necessary information to make a diagnosis in real time.

Blod pressure monitor
Weight scale
Pulse oximeter
HD camera

Control everything through our app

The Diagnóstica teleconsultation Station is a platform equipped with the latest technology in connectivity and telemetry. The integrated devices inside it send the data to a cloud through IoT (Internet of Things), allowing the doctor to monitor and check on the patient remotely and in real time.

Thanks to its app, the user can make use of different functionalities from the smartphone:


Manage your clinical record online


Geolocation of the Diagnóstica Stations


Schedule appointments with more than 20 specialties


Set up an express medical exam


Command actions inside of the station


Access to all the reports after every checkup

A complete environment,  Diagnóstica ecosystem

Digital services of our products

We thought about Diagnóstica Station as a solution to potentiate videoconsultation platforms services by offering the user an easy, safe and effective health care.

Schedule appointments online

Book your appointments from the Diagnóstica app

Medical record

Digital medical record in the cloud, that guarantees accessibility

Prescriptions and treatments

Digital prescriptions and treatments sent in a digital way

Online diagnosis

Digital diagnosis in your smartphone immediately


Localize every medical instrument while doing the consultation

Find a Station

Geolocation of available stations in the interactive map

Download a quick guide of the product

Customize your Diagnóstica Station

Color options

Choose the colors which represent your company. Combinations available in more than one color.

Add your brand

The station counts on spaces specifically thought for the client to put its own visual identity by incorporating its logo.

Personalized Software

Possibility to modify the front end according to the company’s color, typography and style.

Plotted according to you

Possibility to add vinyl adapted to the requirements of each client in order to maintain the style of the brand.

Advertising display

The vertical 42’’ LCD screen outside the cabin was designed to be used  for promotional purposes.

Add more functions

Possibility to add more medical gadgets on the inside of the station in case the client needs to.