Health Care Providers

Hospitals, clinics and private sanatoriums in small and medium cities.


Guarantee access to the right to health through access and equity

We extent the scope of health care. We provide a complete solution, meant for health care centers, clinics or sanatoriums which need to boost and extent the scope of health care in a telemedicine platform.

Connects patients with health care professionals remotely.
Better access to a great variety of specialists, without waiting, in a safe, agile and accessible way.
Spaces equipped with the latest technology.
Improves accessibility and strengthen the bond with patients.
Reduce delays in attention.
Improves access to multiple specialists in remote areas with limited health care resources. Optimizes medical resources.
Greater coverage in medical attention, of prevention and promotion of health.

Other types of clients


Entidades privadas que ofrecen servicios de salud. Empresas de medicina prepaga y servicios pre hospitalarios.

Salud laboral

Entidades vinculadas a la salud laboral. Aseguradoras de riesgo de trabajo y empresas de medicina laboral.

Sistema estatal

Gobiernos locales, estaduales y federales. Organismos públicos y obras sociales de jubilados y pensionados.