Occupational medicine

Entities related to occupational health. Labor risk insurance companies, Occupational medicine companies


Make prevention the main element in your management

Encourage healthcare culture with our smart solutions. Reduce absenteeism from work, increase productivity and improve the organizational environment in companies. Take care of the employees’ health with a complete telemedicine solution, avoid unnecessary transportation and reduce the time off work.


Benefits for companies:

Reduce worker absenteeism.
Reduce medical expenses.
Increase the employees’ satisfaction.
Provide a differential benefit for employees.

Benefits for employees:

Offer quality medical attention when it is required without moving from the workspace.
They will be able to talk to a specialist for health issues which doesn’t need physical intervention. The flow of permits and time off work will be reduced.

Other types of clients

Sistema estatal

Gobiernos locales, estaduales y federales. Organismos públicos y obras sociales de jubilados y pensionados.

Empresas privadas

Aquellas que suman servicios de salud a sus usuarios, clientes o trabajadores.
Educación y transporte.

Empresas de telemedicina

Empresas que prestan el servicio de salud digital y cuentan con sus propias plataformas de tele consultas médicas.