Insurance Companies

General insurers, pre-hospital medical services corporations, prepaid medicine company and national health insurance.

Add more value to your business with our connected health experience

We connect doctors and patients through our smart offices. We clarify your doubts as regards health through quality medical attention at any time, without moving and reducing the waiting lapses of the patients.

Benefits for the ensurer:

Lower the expenses because of accident rate reduction.
Increase the coverage profitability.
Differentiation and innovation in the supply.
Provide a valuable service and a strong insurance brand.

Benefits for the insured:

Unlimited medical consultations the 365 days of the year.
Reduction in the waiting time for medical attention in clinics and offices.
Low expenses and discomforts for transportation to health care centers.
Control and follow up of every patient’s health with reliable diagnoses, prescriptions and treatments provided by specialists.

Benefits for the corporate clients:


Health care medicine: Reduction in the health costs and expenses related to unemployment
Occupational health: Value of the insurer as a main figure in prevention
Health promotion: Loyalty to members

Other types of clients

Salud laboral

Entidades vinculadas a la salud laboral. Aseguradoras de riesgo de trabajo y empresas de medicina laboral.

Sistema estatal

Gobiernos locales, estaduales y federales. Organismos públicos y obras sociales de jubilados y pensionados.

Empresas privadas

Aquellas que suman servicios de salud a sus usuarios, clientes o trabajadores.
Educación y transporte.